Wednesday, 14 March 2012

RSPB CAMPAIGN By Martin Harper Conservation Director

Tell George to wake up!

There is just one week left before George Osborne makes his budget statement but that's still time for him to wake up to the value of our natural environment! Since my last e-mail our campaign has really stepped up and over 15,000 people have e-mailed the Chancellor – help us reach 20,000 before Budget day on 21 March.
As well as telling us how much more we'll have to pay for a pint of beer or a litre of petrol, the UK Budget provides a test of the Government's commitment to the environment.
Last November, the Chancellor described hard-won legal protections for our most precious wildlife sites as a 'ridiculous cost on British business'.
Smart growth
Watch the Wake Up George animation to see what things could be like if he takes a different view later this month.
The current economic crisis means the Chancellor needs to deliver economic growth and create jobs. But we don't believe that the environment is a barrier to success. It is crucial to our well-being and our economic performance. We want smart growth that does no environmental harm.
Help George do the right thing
Please step up for nature and e-mail George Osborne today - it only takes a couple of minutes. Urge him to use his Budget statement on 21 March to put the environment at the heart of the UK's economic recovery.
Thank you for your support.
Martin Harper
Conservation Director

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