Friday, 29 July 2011


The government has announced plans to start culling badgers. There's been a big debate among 38 Degrees members about these culls. Some of us believe killing badgers would be wrong under any circumstances. Some of us believe that if the science really proved that shooting badgers could make a real dent in the cow TB problem, it would be a tragic necessity.

But 87% of us agree on this: the government's current plans to shoot England's badgers simply don't stack up. The government’s own scientific advisers warn that it won't solve the problem of TB in cattle, and could even make it worse.

Government scientists say that if a cull isn’t carried out “in a co-ordinated, sustained and simultaneous manner according to the minimum criteria, then this could result in a smaller benefit or even a detrimental effect.”

The government is consulting on the plans right now. If we don't stop them, badger shoots could begin in a matter of months. Can you take 30 seconds now to add your name to the petition?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Arrived at Pegwell Bay around 9.40am with my son Martyn.He had decided it would be a good idea to take some photos of insects with his camera.

Kentish Snail

Soldier Beetle Rhagonycha Fulva

Cinnabar Caterpillar on Ragwort

Garden Pointed & Banded Snails

Not much in the way of birds again Little Egrets,Curlew,Dunlin,Redshank,Sandwich Terns,few Common Terns and some Swallows.
Came across Tony leading a task at Pegwell clearing the raised pond of reed with 3 volunteers.

KWT Volunteers

KWT Volunteers

KWT Volunteers

A quick walk around Stone Lees produced very little to except a Kestrel hunting and a few moments watching the activity on the Cooling Towers and the continuing rumours of their demolition soon !

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

Friday, 15 July 2011


Just over a week after surgery I decided to pay a visit to Pegwell Reserve and arrived around 8am.
A quick walk by the Ponds supplied a wealth of Skippers,Soldier Beetles & Pointed Snails.
First stop was Mo's for a tea eventually heading towards Stone Lees for a gentle walk as that's all I could do anyhow !

Skipper Butterfly Pegwell Bay

Soldier Beetle Rhagonycha Fulva Pegwell Bay

Small White Butterfly Pegwell Bay

Pointed Snail Pegwell Bay

Honey Bee Pegwell Bay

Polietes Lardarius Pegwell Bay

The Rosebay Willow Herb is now in full flower

The Rosebay Willow Herb is now in full flower

On reaching the Cycle track I bumped into Phil Milton and we then headed back to the Grassy Knoll or according to Phil,Milton's Mound ! On arriving Craig Sammels was just setting up ready for the incoming tide.Not much in the way of birds so spent some time taking pictures of Butterflies and insects !

Peacock Butterfly Pegwell Bay

At mid day decided to walk back home and along the cliff top path stopping for a few moments watching the Black Headed Gulls and Little Egrets.

Black Headed Gulls and Little Egrets

Little Egret

Little Egret

Final push home and came across filming near the Coast Guard Cottages but no idea what they were filming was just hurried through and finally home through Pegwell Village

Filming Pegwell Village Cliff Top

Belle View Tavern Pegwell Village

High Street Pegwell Village