Monday, 23 March 2015

Stargazing on the Romney Marsh | Kent Wildlife trust

Stargazing on the Romney Marsh | Kent Wildlife trust

Hambrook Marshes Saved! | Kent Wildlife trust

Hambrook Marshes Saved! | Kent Wildlife trust

Pegwell Bay

Athelhampton House and Gardens, a spectacular 15th century manor house and grounds 5 miles east of the Dorset town of Dorchester.

Eclipse Puddletown Dorset


St Patrick's Day Parade London

Ritz Hotel London

Pegwell Garden

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Northern Holland Bird List February 2015

Little Grebe Great Crested Grebe Cormorant Great White Egret Grey Heron White Stork
Mute Swan Tundra Bean Goose White-fronted Goose Greylag Goose
Richardson's Canada Goose Barnacle Goose Brent Goose Red-breasted Goose
Egyptian Goose Shelduck Wigeon Gadwall Mallard Pintail Shoveler
Red-crested Pochard Pochard Tufted Duck Lesser Scaup Eider Bufflehead Goldeneye Smew
Red-breasted Merganser Goosander White-tailed Eagle
Hen Harrier Goshawk Sparrowhawk Buzzard Kestrel Pheasant Moorhen Coot Oystercatcher
Golden Plover Lapwing Curlew  Redshank Common  Gull Herring Gull
Great Black-backed Gull Stock Dove Wood Pigeon Collared Dove 

Oriental Turtle Dove Ring-necked Parakeet Kingfisher

Pied Wagtail Dunnock Robin Blackbird Willow Tit Blue Tit

Great Tit Jay Magpie Jackdaw Rook Carrion Crow Starling 

House Sparrow Chaffinch Goldfinch

Netherlands Trip February 2015

Great long weekend trip in February to Northern Holland with Francis Solly, Martyn Wilson and Dave Mairs.

Evening drinks and plans for the following day 

Willow Tit 

Gooosshhh Crayyzzhhee

Mobile Birding and keeping dry ! 

More drinks and more planning 


And finally bird of the Day before returning home 
Oriental Turtle Dove