Thursday, 1 March 2012

Parakeet Feeding Behaviour Studies

In conjunction with Project Parakeet Division of Biology at the Imperial College London I am investigating direct competition for food between garden birds and parakeets.
This is being achieved by a simple year-long experiment in gardens around London and Ramsgate regularly visited by parakeets. A squirrel-proof bird feeder has been put up in the gardens for a year-long observational experiment that started in December 2011. The data from each garden will be used to investigate the quantity of food consumed by the parakeets and how their presence affects the feeding visits of other garden birds. Birds forage less in the presence of a parakeet and less than when compared to the native great spotted woodpecker.
If you have any Parakeets roosting in your garden in the evening or have found any Parakeet feathers please contact me on 07967 506126.



  1. Hi

    Can you provide a bit more details about the experiment it self? As in the general steps precaution you took to ensure you got reliable data?

  2. Information can be found on also contact information can be found on this site for further questions
    Many Thanks