Saturday, 29 January 2011


Had an hour spare this morning and thought I would have a crack at the RSPB garden survey !
Before I started and like most I guess I spent some time filling the bird feeders with nuts,seeds and fat balls as well as throwing some extra across the lawn as if I was feeding a stream ready to fish !
Then latte,pad and feet up in the extension for an hour.

4 Collared Doves
5 Wood Pigeon
2 Male Blackbirds
2 Female Blackbirds
2 Dunnock
1 Female Great Tit
1 Male Great Tit
2 Blue Tits
1 Robin
2 Female Rose Ringed Parakeet
2 Male Rose Ringed Parakeet
2 Female House Sparrows
1 Male House Sparrow
2 Herring Gulls
1 Black Headed Gull
1 Carrion Crow
1 Feral Pigeon
1 Male Great Spotted Woodpecker

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