Saturday, 8 January 2011


With the lack of opportunities for a walk to the local reserves this past week I spent 30 minutes between life's duties with a hot drink looking at my back garden & I must say it was a pleasure to see a plethora of birds.
The stage was set and first on were 9 Redwings followed by blackbirds,solitary Robin strutting it stuff around the Bird Feeders,Jay,Magpie,Great Spotted Woodpecker on the feeder,Collared Dove,Wood Pigeon,Dunnock,House Sparrows,Carrion Crow,Herring Gull,Blue & Great Tit,3 Rose-Ringed Parakeets (Still looking for the odd feathers for Hazel Jackson's research for analyzing DNA) and finally a Starling.
A total of 16 birds which on some walks is a task in itself !


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