Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Ham Fen nature reserve, near Sandwich, is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is the last remaining ancient fen in Kent

With your help, we can increase, manage and restore this unique and historic landscape.
At the time the Trust purchased the site in 1991, only half a hectare of open fen remained and most of the remaining fenland had scrubbed over and the remaining land drained and converted to intensive pasture.
The impact of a family of beaver, introduced by the Trust as a conservation tool, has led to the waterways being kept clear, the coppicing of trees, and the control of vegetation. As a 'keystone species', these beaver manage the natural habitat for their own needs, restoring wetland habitat for a variety of other plants and animals.
The beavers' ability to harvest trees and plants, raise the water table and enrich the wetland habitat, brings benefits for other rare species, such as water vole and saw sedge, as well as a plethora of wetland birds.
The Trust now has the opportunity to increase the reserve (currently 72 acres) by a third, and to do this we are aiming to raise £58,000.

This conservation project will:
  • extend the fenland
  • provide greater opportunity for wildlife to thrive
  • make the fen become ecologically more viable
  • increase the chances of survival for rare species dependent on this rare habitat

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