Sunday, 15 January 2012


An enjoyable weekend at Pegwell Bay & Stonelees started with the KWT Task on Saturday from 10am-3pm removing scrub from the far section of Stonelees with around 7 Volunteers
(Always more welcome)
Scrub removal takes place at this nature reserve in order to maintain and increase the size of the ancient dune pasture habitat found here.
Plants such as the Southern Marsh Orchids and Pyramidal Orchids can be found as well as Marsh Helleborines and Bee Orchids.

Sunday afternoon I also decided to take a walk around Pegwell Bay & Stonelees watching the tide,nothing of real note but came across a pair of Bullfinches near the Pond in the fruit trees.

Curlew Pegwell Bay

Lapwing & Golden Plover Pegwell Bay

Lapwing & Golden Plover Pegwell Bay

Highland Cow Pegwell Bay

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